Club Champions

Historical list of Champions and their score since the commencement of the club

* denotes record score

*Club record
1981-82Jan Phyllis1176*
1982-83Tony Moon1174
1983-84Tony Moon1177*
1984-85Mark Buchanan1183*
1985-86Mark Buchanan1184*
1986-87Mark Buchanan1184
1987-88Rick Ashton1171
1988-89John Ashton1174
1989-90Tony Moon1170
1990-91Angus Bell1177
1991-92Andrew Wilson1175
1992-93Andrew Wilson1170
1993-94Andrew Wilson1163
1994-95Harold Wood1163
1995-96Harold Wood1181
1996-97Angus Bell1186*
1997-98Harold Wood1191*
1998-99Angus Bell1193*
1999-00Angus Bell1198*
2000-01Angus Bell1199*
2001-02Angus Bell1190
2002-03Angus Bell1191
2003-04Angus Bell1194
2004-05Angus Bell1197
2005-06Angus Bell1182
2006-07Angus Bell1197
2007-08Angus Bell1197
2008-09Angus Bell1194
2009-10Angus Bell1196
2010-11Angus Bell1200*
2011-12Angus Bell1198
2012-13Angus Bell1196